vBoost: DC DC Boost Converter for PV-modules
The original rack mounted 600W vBoost is capable of connecting multiple PV-modules into a single converter. It is designed for high power and a wide input voltage range that accommodates serial connection of standard crystalline PV-modules or paralleled connection of high voltage thin film modules. While it is still available for deployment, the smaller form factors described below are preferred by most installers.
With support from the DoE SunShot program, the vBoost was redesigned to fit into a smaller form factor so it could replace the junction box on the PV-module. This reduces unit cost and cost of installation since a separate installation of the converter is no longer necessary. The resulting design is capable of converting PV-modules of up to 380W from low voltage/high current to 360-410V @ under 1A. This highly efficient converter also has additional features such as Power Line Communications for data collection, remote shut down, power curtailment and tamper alert.
The vB300 series is supplied in two basic forms. PV-module integrated and standalone. The standalone version is provided for users wishing to use their preferred PV-modules that may not be available as an integrated version. The standalone form is attached to the racking system and connects to the PV-module via the standard junction box and MC style connectors. The high voltage bus is an integral part of the device and is rated for 40A of current up to 600Vdc. The standalone version is ideal for retrofitting existing arrays. They can be easily added to the mounting rack and the PV-modules simply plug in with standard MC type connectors.


The PV-module integrated version is designed to replace the junction box on the back of the PV-module. The baseframe is separate from the field installable converter section and is installed at the PV-module manufacturer. The converter can either be installed at the same time, or just prior to array installation. Both converter forms have the same internal electronics and performance.