16 kW High Input Voltage, Off-Grid Inverter
The eIQ 16kW off grid inverter was designed for a narrow range, high voltage input and where the inverter is not tied to a grid, but to either an appliance or to an AC distribution panel. The AC output is a pure sine wave with low harmonic distortion and excellent output voltage regulation. The inverter can receive input voltages from 300-420Vdc and converts to 220-240Vac at 50/60 Hz. The output is further refined to be split into two 120Vac circuits (in-phase with each other) and both 220/240Vac and 110/120Vac are simultaneously available. The outputs are designed to operate so that when it is split into two circuits those circuits do not need to be balanced. The inverter uses state of the art silicon carbide (SiCFETs) for low thermal generation, high efficiency operation. At a printed circuit assembly size of approximately 10" X 12" it is one of the smallest form factors for such a large 16kW output power. The inverter is capable of grid formation as well as grid following (without anti-islanding functionality). For additional power output, multiple inverters can be paralleled, sharing both the DC and AC sides as desired.
The small form factor and high efficiency result from the use of SiCFETs. They are attached to heatsinks, which in turn are kept cool with temperature controlled, variable speed fans which are directly attached to the heatsinks. The main inverter board does not use any electrolytic capacitors.

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