BMS and Communications
The eIQ power components and the bidirectional DC DC converter are compatible with the BMS and microgrid link (uGridLink) products developed jointly with The Digital Microgrid Initiative, the sponsor of OpenBMS, a standard for 48Vdc ESS modules. One of the most critical components of a high voltage battery pack used for high capacity energy storage is an isolated battery manager to balance all the cells in the pack. Without this batteries with hundreds or thousands of individual cells succumb to the limitation of the weakest cell in the pack. OpenBMS provides a reference specification and MIT licensed hardware design. Nearly a dozen LFP battery manufacturers have agreed to supply batteries that are plug compatible with the standard.
Interface With Battery Management Systems The bi-directional DC DC converters integrate seamlessly with other power products from the Digital Microgrid. The battery management system (BMS) from DMI is designed to work with virtually all battery types and provides battery management functions such as cell optimization, cell balancing, charge and discharge rate control, safety and data reporting. For BMS cards other than DMI’s, please contact the company for compatibility.
uGrid Link The microgrid link is a communications module that provides a data link between the various components in the microgrid using a variety of communications protocols including Bluetooth LE, RS485, SPI, and UART.