4kW/8kW Bi-Directional DC DC Converter for Storage
The bidirectional DC DC converters are high efficiency devices designed primarily for converting low voltage battery packs (48V or 96V) to a voltage matching the DC bus to which it is attached (380Vdc nominal). In high to low mode (buck), the converter uses the DC value of the DC bus to enable conversion, ensuring that there is sufficient power to apply charge to the battery pack. In low to high mode (boost), the same DC bus value signals the need for additional power on the bus and the batteries discharge. The converter is field programmable through the battery management system to assign maximum charge and discharge rates to maximize battery cycle life. There are two converters available: 48Vdc and 96Vdc input. The 48Vdc is capable of 4kW continuous power, while the 96Vdc converter can handle 8kW continuous power. The converter performance is independent of the battery energy capacity. The converter's high side and low side are galvanically isolated to protect the battery from high voltages. On-board fuses provide additional protection. The converter is battery chemistry independent and works with Lead Acid, Lithium Ion and Fuel cells that have terminal voltages of 48-58Vdc to 96-116Vdc. Multiple converters and their attached batteries can be connected in parallel to provide virtually unlimited power and energy, dependent only on the ampacity of the power transmission wiring.
The small form factor and high efficiency result from the use of SiCFETs. They are attached to heatsinks, which in turn are kept cool with temperature controlled, variable speed fans which are directly attached to the heatsinks. The bidirectional converter does not use any electrolytic capacitors.

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